Rights & Responsibilities

Rights of Patients

We offer a health check on joining the Practice.

All patients:

  • Are given appropriate drugs and medicine on prescription
  • Are referred to a consultant when a GP thinks its necessary
  • Have access to medical records
  • Receive emergency treatment through a GP at any time
  • Can choose whether or not to take part in medical research
  • Will receive a full and prompt reply to complaints about services by the practice
  • Can have a copy of the practice leaflet

Patient Responsibilities

  • Be punctual for all appointments
  • Give as much notice as possible if unable to attend appointments
  • Be prepared to see any doctor
  • Only contact the Out of Hours services in an emergency which cannot wait until the next working day
  • Treat doctors and staff with courtesy and respect
  • Please be patient if appointment times are running late
  • Request a home visit only if an illness or medical condition prevents you from attending.
  • Remember, one appointment for one person only.