Please see below update from our System Infection Prevention and Control team regarding mask wearing: 

As people will be aware, the prevalence of COVID-19 has risen rapidly over the past week. This is due to the emergence of new Omicron subvariants BA.4 and 5. 

We are, therefore, advising that Fluid Resistant Surgical Face masks (FRSM’s) be re-introduced into all areas of Primary Care (clinical and non-clinical) with immediate effect for the foreseeable future. Patients should also be advised to wear face coverings when in Primary Care premises. This is to try and offer our workforce the best level of protection. Other standard precautions (good ventilation, cleaning, hand hygiene) should continue.

Minuetful Kidney Service

Message for patients with diabetes at the practice:

As you know, as part of your diabetes annual review, urine testing is really important to look for early signs of kidney damage. We do this through a test called the albumin: creatinine ratio (ACR) test, which looks for small amounts of protein in the urine.

We know people struggle to do the test, and many would prefer to avoid the clinic and test at home wherever possible. That’s why we are offering a new, NHS funded service to allow people to do this test at home with a kit and a smartphone.

If you meet the criteria for the new service, you will receive a text message (or a letter) about the Minuteful Kidney service, which is provided by Healthy.io. If you want to find out more, please click here: https://lp.healthy.io/minuteful_info/.

This text is not a scam; you do not need to pay for the service, and if you would rather opt out of the process you can say at any time. If you want to speak to their customer support team, you can call them on 020 7183 7939.