Mission and Core Values

Clift Surgery is an NHS primary care General Practice based in Bramley, North Hampshire (NHCCG). The over-arching aim is to provide the rapidly growing rural local community and local villages with highest possible quality health care and promoting the importance of good health and well-being, putting individual patients and their specific needs at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to:

  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment to help reduce patient anxiety and treat every patient with respect and courtesy.
  • Ensure our Doctors, Nurses and Clinicians and customer facing staff are experienced, skilled, well-trained and engaging to provide an effective, caring and responsive service to all patients at all times which in turn engenders trust and confidence.
  • Be well-led by the Partners with a clear and focussed understanding of the long term clinical needs to best serve the patient profile in a growing rural community
  • Make access to GPs, Nurses and Clinicians easy, convenient and timely through efficient and patient-friendly face-to-face, telephone and online appointment services which recognise the differing needs of each patient and particularly for urgent clinical needs.
  • Provide appropriate advice, treatment and referrals in a timely manner, cognisant of the wider NHS and CCG guidelines, current best practice and specialist medical skill options and the need for continuity of care.
  • Recognise and encourage patients to take shared responsibility for their own health care in conjunction with their GP/Clinicians.
  • Continue to provide an efficient and effective on-site in-house Practice Dispensary for ease of patient access and convenience.
  • Maintain total patient confidentiality, accurate up-to-date records and efficient and effective management and administrative processes at all times
  • Provide a ‘continuous learning environment’ to help keep abreast of rapidly changing developments in health care.
  • Ensure that all patients are fully aware of and understand the operation of the Out-of-Hours service and how to access it.
  • Continue to remind patients of the importance of keeping appointments and notifying the surgery if they cannot make the appointment. (A DNA cost - c£40/GP visit, opportunity cost - less appointments available) to help minimise the DNA numbers. DNA impacts adversely on overall service levels. Notwithstanding the success of the text confirmation and reminder of appointments which has reduced DNA significantly.
  • Plan for new services and collaborative operations following PCN integration.
  • Continue to refine our approach to managing and improving medical and continuity of care in the local Nursing Homes.
  • Listen to the needs of patients through an active and effective Patient Participation Group (PPG) – ‘the voice of patients’, working closely with the Practice Manager and the Partners.
  • Share ‘best practice’ from our PCN practices and determine where efficiencies and effectiveness can be achieved.